my name is

Filip Wodnicki

It's really nice to meet you! Please let me introduce myself.

About Me

I'm a programmer. I use Python for data analytics.

I earned a Computer Science degree from UNC-Chapel Hill in 2017. I especially loved studying databases, theory of computation, and cloud computing. Most recently, I built Woodcut Algorithm with Flask + Python backend to solve the cutting stock problem. See my other projects on Github.

I'm a global citizen. I care about people and the world.

Currently based in Kraków, Poland. My prior background is in Environmental Science and teaching. I am motivated by a commitment to serve others. Technology should be used to make the world better.

I'm an explorer. Passionate about public transport, geography, and airlines.

For me, bliss is a journey with a window seat.


LOT Polish Airlines USA-International Routes Dashboard 1990-2018

Airline Data Dashboard

Explore statistics for USA-International airline routes

Backend Python 3.6 + Flask framework + PostgreSQL
Frontend Bootstrap + JavaScript + leaflet.js + chart.js
Deployment Heroku

Live app

Woodcut Algorithm an app to visualize solutions to the Cutting Stock Problem

Woodcut Algorithm web app

Visualize Solutions to the Cutting Stock Problem

Backend Python 3.6 + Flask framework
Frontend Bootstrap + chart.js
Deployment Heroku

Live app


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